Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

The mobile revolution has dramatically increased the expectations of your enterprise end-users. They now expect anytime, anywhere access to their data and applications on any device. Though VDI can help you meet such needs securely, its poor performance as compared to that of traditional desktops and the unpredictability of end-user access (such as boot storms and virus scans) just add to your woes. Traditional infrastructure solutions are too rigid, fragmented and complex to offer a simplistic, high-performing yet cost-effective VDI solution.

The 8kpc platform is the lowest cost-per-user solution that deploys and scales effortlessly to deliver a superb and consistent end-user experience.

  • The integration of compute, storage and network functions combined with the 8kpc software-defined storage (SDS) fabric dramatically lowers cost of a VDI implementation
  • Data localization combined with high IOPS performance provides fast boots for a large number of virtual desktops
  • Starts within an hour and scales in minutes for rapid deployment. Built-in DR and HA features allow constant end-user access
  • Unique tunable data models ensure adequate IOPS and low latency
  • No specialized I/O skills are needed to manage the implementations
  • The 8kpc VDI solution is optimized and validated on the Citrix platform running XenDesktop and XenApp