Unified Communication and Collaboration

UC is increasingly becoming an integral part of Digital workspace. Expectations from the business users for flawless voice, video and data services are becoming challenges to IT organizations. The challenges include ability to deliver sustained QoS, predictability, and cost containment.

Traditional communication capabilities like enterprise telephony and messaging combined with modern functionality such as work stream collaboration and AI are driving transformation to digital workspace. Deploying, managing and migrating capabilities to meet the new digital workplace needs places undue burden on the IT teams which are struggling with challenges to modernize, migrate and deploy on-prem solutions while simultaneously combining them with cloud based offerings.

In order to successfully deploy predictable digital workspace solutions a new thinking is needed. The 8kpc hyper-converged hybrid platform simplifies the infrastructure challenges for UCC deployments for small, medium, large and service provider deployments.

Small and Medium deployments:

8kpc’s simple to deploy appliances can be setup in less than 30 minutes with full cloud based management. Once drop-shipped to the customer premise, the entire system can be managed from the cloud. Full application life cycle management from within the 8kpc management platform, significantly reduce the burdens on the IT teams, which can focus on the application configuration and setup. The high performance platform components (storage and networking fabric and deep instrumentation) ensure that the deployments have the lowest cost; extracting maximum out of the physical devices.


  • Fastest time to deployment: under 30 minutes from opening the box
  • Lowest cost: Highest proven VM density
  • Application driven infrastructure optimization:
    • Deep insights combined with a pattern based data movement architecture enable the platform to be dynamically tuned to application needs
    • OS optimization to deploy multiple services by optimally placing service components while consuming minimum hardware

Large and distributed deployments:

With centralized management, a hub-and-spoke model for managing multiple deployments using a single profile cuts down deployment and management times significantly. Industry leading data path enables seamless scaling to handle very large loads with on demand capacity management. Independent scaling of storage, compute and networking components enable archival of voice and video in low cost bulk storage without the limitations of traditional hyper-convergence. Built-in high-availability capabilities along with the ability to partition and manage data effectively enables simple compliance required deployments.


  • Central management from the cloud for a large number of deployments - application life cycle management, HA/DR management and scaling (new infrastructure additions).
  • High performance data path for voice and video as well as large number of connections supporting PCIe backbone based infrastructure.
  • Separate storage scaling with storage specific nodes on cost-effective bulk data drives is built into the platform enabling single platform to handle all the infrastructure needs.
  • Ability to place archival and secondary data on premises at multiple locations as well as in the cloud enables adhering to various compliance needs across the world.

Service provider deployments:

8kpc platform enables service providers to deploy traditional single tenanted software as a multi-tenanted cloud offering in a cost effective manner. With simple management, shared resources and maximum hardware utilization, the 8kpc platform enables service providers to support and manage deployments ranging from a few customers to 100s of small and medium customers. Start small and scale as you grow model enables service providers to grow the business in a prudent manner.


  • Quasi-multi-instance model with shared resources enables building the right trade-off among capabilities of single-tenanted software, needs of compliance and security and sharing resources for effective utilization and simpler management.
  • Simplified multi-tenant management interface that can run on multiple cloud platforms. Active directory driven credential management provides a high degree of control the hierarchy of multi-tenancy.
  • Intelligent VM image management, compression and cloning capabilities enables deployment that will be the most cost effective infrastructure.