MS SQL Server Solutions

The performance of your databases such as MS SQL server is largely dictated by the infrastructure on which they are deployed. Multi-core processors and large-capacity memory have shifted the performance bottleneck from servers to storage. Your storage infrastructure now needs to support a dynamic mix of both OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) and OLAP (Online Analytics Processing) data profiles. Existing SAN solutions require a complex series of steps for provisioning, managing and constant tuning. To maintain performance and stability, the MS SQL servers have typically been implemented in their own separate silos, increasing the overall capital and operational costs.

  • 8kpc Hyperconverged solution with its ‘shared nothing’ architecture can easily consolidate multiple MS SQL server databases into a shrunk platform. Thereby, reducing CapEX and power consumption while maintaining performance.
  • Data localization in flash and automatic data tiering ensure the IOPS and throughput for critical workloads
  • Scaling can be achieved in a matter of minutes by adding additional nodes without disrupting applications, as the size of the database increases
  • The cloning and snapshotting features, and automated failover of critical MS SQL server VMs ensure business continuity, complementing the Microsoft AlwaysOn availability feature