About 8kpc

The ever-evolving business needs such as digital transformation initiatives are putting demand on IT organizations to deliver several applications to thousands of users, cost effectively and predictably. Therefore, 8kpc focuses on hyperconverged architecture, an innovative mix of computing, virtualization, storage, and networking as a unified set of modern resources that facilitates customers focus on their core competencies: applications, business processes, delivering customer satisfaction; driven by a principle of leveraging open and standard technologies developed by market leaders like Intel, Microsoft, VMWare, Citrix, and many more.

However, the secret lies in 8kpc’s ability to deliver a high-performance, flash-based scale-out architecture that delivers best-in-class performance and scalability while dramatically driving costs down. 8kpc believes that while companies benefit from commoditized infrastructure systems, they are faced with increased cost in OpEx largely driven by the dearth of IT-skilled workforce. 8kpc’s unique area of innovation is to bring pragmatic, software-defined infrastructure that is truly application ready from the get go. The intelligence in the architecture enables true automation of all virtualization and system components to perfectly right-size for the workloads.

8kpc’s disruptions have successfully enabled businesses to save over 75% in CapEx and at least 60% in OpEx. With innovation at its core, 8kpc has produced simple, affordable yet powerful solutions in the Hyperconvergence space.

8kpc is headquartered in Milpitas, CA, USA with a development center established in Bengaluru, India.

8kpc’s multi-layered innovation approach has paved a new way for application scaling and large-volume data computing.

Multi-layered Innovation

  • High-performance, low-latency data path for enabling large dataset, high-performance, real-time applications
  • Automates sizing and optimization functions as directed by the application
  • Deep insights into data for enabling real-time analytics
  • Practically zero downtime through predictive management of resilient of networks
  • Shared-nothing architecture that assuredly scales to business performance needs