8kpc’s high-performance, highly-scalable solution is a Hyper-Converged, flash-based scale-out infrastructure platform. Optimized for diverse, data-intensive workloads requiring consistent high-performance and user experience, it combines standard compute, storage and networking elements into a single appliance form factor with software defined (SDx) orchestration and management layer.

Our integrated solution provides low-latency and high-bandwidth delivered by flash and fabric layers, dramatically reducing the capital expense and operational complexity of the entire IT infrastructure. This streamlined infrastructure can be deployed and scaled in a fraction of the time required for traditional solutions. The uniqueness of the architecture is to serve as a platform for high performance and high capacity while delivering utmost resilience and simplicity. The result is a truly affordable Hyperconverged product with a very fast ROI and total TCO and guaranteed investment protection.

High-performance, low-latency data path

  • Reduce operating costs up to 70%
  • Simple, VM-centric management tools

Automates sizing and optimization functions

  • Application needs determine communication among system components
  • Largely simplifies the sizing process

Deep insights into data

  • Enables real-time analytics
  • Helps you make swift business decisions

Practically zero downtime

  • Advanced tools for predictive management of networks
  • Empowers complete system resilience

Shared-nothing architecture

  • Assuredly scales to business performance needs
  • Flexible and reliable