Business environment is dynamic; the end-user demands are unpredictable. These issues are getting ever more complex while you struggle to keep things in focus. As your business innovates to lead the league, the IT infrastructure is continuously challenged to keep pace. The rapid proliferation of data, apps and users complicate things further. Your IT has to be more responsive to your business needs when it comes to rolling out new applications and functionalities. However, low budget allocations may fail to provision the ambitious infrastructural growth required, rendering current models of procurement and operations unsustainable.

8kpc’s solution enables you to deploy, manage and control new infrastructure at reduced costs, without compromising on the pace that your business needs to stay competitive. Our ‘applications-driven HCI’ architecture and automation makes interfaces considerably simpler and ensures disruption-free application rollouts.

50%-100% Improvement in Application Performance

Embracing technologies earlier often engendered performance troubles. Therefore, it is essential to curb performance issues through increased adoption of virtualization. 8kpc’s VDI solution, unlike conventional technologies, dramatically improves application performance anywhere between 50%-100%.

With lag-free performance, customers can efficiently realize the benefits of 8kpc’s VDI and work toward delivering world-class services to their clients.

Linear Scalability

8kpc’s VDI offers easy-to- achieve scalability. Unlike traditional technologies, the need for revamping the entire IT infrastructure is totally eliminated. As a result, our solution reduces IT- infrastructure cost that is bound to evoke a sigh of relief.

Moreover, you don’t have to devise elaborate long-term plans, instead materialize the scalability benefits offered by 8kpc’s VDI solution by adding machines as and when needed.

Up to 70% of OpEx Reduction

Our flagship VDI solution is the culmination of efficiency, simplicity, and innovation. This great mix provides an ideal platform to confront the much-talked business challenge – cost. With simplified deployment, configuration, optimization and troubleshooting tasks, you can decrease OpEx by up to a whopping 70%.

In addition, elimination of expensive IT inventory puts lesser burden on your IT staff, making the infrastructure manageable with a thin staff.

Over 75% Reduction in CapEx

Without the need for lavish hardware and a huge IT inventory, your CapEx for 8kpc’s VDI solution is much lower than the conventional infrastructure. The robust combination of HCI and cloud management gives a CapEx that’s lowered by over 75%, while maintaining optimum performance.